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Q1*: When watching TV, YouTube, Facebook, etc. I am most likely to:

 Notice when it becomes unreal

 Discuss what I am watching.

 Watch old favourites

 Get lost in the story

 Flip channels

Q2*: When I'm given the opportunity to do something excitingly dangerous, I initially think:

 I can see it now

 How does it work?

 Show me first

 Why not, you only die once

 What happens when it goes wrong?

Q3*: The part of personal development I enjoy most is:

 Planning it

 The journey

 Clearing baggage

 Visualising outcomes

 Getting started

Q4*: Invited to a party with strangers, my first thought is:

 Let's go!

 Who are the strangers?

 Sounds exciting!

 What will I wear?

 Have to check the diary

Q5*: Starting a new project or venture the first thing I think is:

 Is this going to work?

 Success will be great!

 How will this work?

 Who can I ring?

 Has it already been done?

Q6*: Inside I feel I am best at:

 Getting as much detail as possible

 Seeing what others need

 Creating new stuff

 Weighing up the pros and cons

 Doing it while others waste time

Q7*: On a day out away from work I tend to prefer to:

 Discover somewhere inspiring

 Do something spontaneous

 People watch anywhere

 Organise a proper 'trip'

 Visit a favourite place

Q8*: I know I am doing well when:

 I get great feedback

 I survive

 I win

 I feel great

 The pieces fall into place

Q9*: When buying the big stuff what I do first is:

 Read reviews

 Detail what I need

 See myself using it

 Shop around

 Get it

Q10*: The word I would MOST like people to use to describe me is: