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#sucs Stress Under Control Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase cheers

Hey there! 

It’s Jane and Jon…  Congratulations for getting here! We’re excited that you’re at a stage where your life is more about meaning than surviving or just passing time.

And now you’ve decided to be excited rather than stressed – let’s see where we can go. 🙂

The Exploration Call is a personal one off session and we only consult this way a few times a month… 

Your Exploration Call involves a deep dive into your subconscious to discover your stressors, strengths and desires. Due to time constraints we only run these exclusive private calls four times a month.

We’ll lead you to interview your own subconscious, and because we’ve been doing this a long time, the right questions will open up all sorts of possibilities for both of us, and the right answers are already in your Mind. This is inquiry not analysis, so you won’t be going anywhere you don’t want to, to be honest analysis doesn’t really work that well anyway…

You’ll lose some baggage – we’re better than a lot of airports at doing that, and we’ll install some subconscious techniques to achieve results today!

We’ll also be looking at your MindSTYLE strengths, vital for value in harnessing and controlling the effects of your stress, and producing a MIND Focus strategy blueprint document for your  Momentum, Intention, Nature, Direction (think Spielberg).

We’ve worked with SME Business Owners, Team Leaders, Partnership Couples, individual Consultants, Entrepreneurial  Executives, Medical, Legal, Corporate, Sports, Media, Entertainment, Education, Ai Technology, and Financial industry clients.

How the Exploration Call works

If you  haven’t completed the 10 Quick Questions MindSTYLE Stress Test yet, pop over to the HOME PAGE and follow the links; making sure you use the same email as you give us here, otherwise our database-drones won’t be able to find you.

We only consult on 2 of these stand alone Exploration calls every other week so apply early!

Just the other day we were binge watching sci-fi on Amazon Prime when a thought struck us. 

In our youth talking to someone via picture and sound on a wrist-watch the other side of the world was our science fiction. 

Now we do it all of the time, amazing!

Calls are anywhere from 90 minutes to 180 minutes long, and must be via video chat, unless you’re up a mountain.

We use Zoom, so that we can professionally record your call for your ongoing reference, works on all of your devices.

All applications are answered however we can get busy, and when that happens, along with our usual 4 day weekends, it can take a few days.

Now all you have to do is fill in the form below and if we’re a fit we’ll get back to you and arrange your invitation to your call; if not we’ll tell you that.

We’re against the BS approaches of ignoring people or worse, persuading people to buy into something neither of us will benefit from.

We are really chuffed [happy] you’ve made this move and here’s to your success!

Can’t wait to see you!

Jane & Jonathan


Private Exploration Coaching Investment

£997 +vat

This sum will include a years Membership to the online Professional SUCS Network (worth £497, incognito can be arranged) and will be deducted when you choose to upgrade to the VIP Evolution MasterMind Circle or the Consolidation MindSpa Retreat . . . 

(Can be settled via payments – mention it on the form feedback and we’ll have a chat. )

Your details are very important to us and we promise to treat with respect and take great care of the information you provide us. We will contact you by email or messaging but only in relation to your chosen service. The details you have supplied are an assurance that you are suitable for this programme and that you are a fit for us to work with and to give you maximum value. Any details can be refreshed or removed at your request. Zoom calls are recorded for training and reference purposes.

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