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Click the button if you’re interested in becoming a licensed MindTrait Practitioner, you MUST  take the assessment below.
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Our psychometric MindTRAIT strength and stress web assessment application will help you:

Start projects and ventures more easily

Reduce and harness ‘internal conflict’ stress

Gain insight to building teams 

Discover the right people to work with

Adjust your approach to better fit clients, students, partners… 

Now in around 3 minutes you’ll discover if you are… 

a “Keep it Simple Stupid” Observer
a “Devil’s in the Detail” Evaluator
a “Be Careful Out There” Predictor
an “I Have a Dream” Creator
 a “Screw It Let’s Do It” Performer.

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There are 10 Quick Questions to discover your Subconscious MindTRAIT
Strength and Stress Points 

Just read each question and click on the answer that most appeals to you –
even if the event is not something you normally do.

Do this as fast as you can!
The faster you do this the more accurate and the more Subconscious your results will be.

Take a deep breath and…


“An exciting and innovative model to explain the nature and behaviour of how subconscious success works.” 
Professor Ong Theiw Chai.
MBPS, DPM, (Lon) MRCPsych, FRCPsych (UK) T.T.S. Hosp Singapore.
“I’m excited about the MindTRAIT strength and stress test. It’s the first psychometric profiling I’ve seen targeted purely at the Subconscious Mind.”
Dr Peter Lennig
Dr Peter Lennig
Consultant Psychiatrist Stockholm
“Quick and fun. Jonathan, I feel like I just told you my deepest secrets in that app!”
Pia Silva.
BadAss Your Brand. Business Strategist. Forbes Columnist. Author, Speaker.
"I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in how the subconscious works and how one can change. It gives a perfect basis from which to start any change required."
Ian Yardley
self-employed people helper    

The Development Team

Jonathan Chase

Jonathan Chase Brain Child Developer MindSTYLE app

Because he scored evenly across the whole spectrum, evenly spread 2s  Jon became our OBSERVER.

A jack of all trades, he realised that he works much better when collaborating with others, and ending his isolation.

Geri Schneider-Winters

Geri Schneider Winters developer MindSTYLE app

Geri’s 5 Evaluator makes her a stickler for detail. The 0 Performer means she isn’t comfortable taking un-calculated risks.

Knowing her husband’s Predictor score helped her understand her personal relationship better reducing her own stress.

Paul Dawkins

Paul Dawkins #minstyleapp

Although Paul is a Predictor 4, he is also a strong Observer 4 these scores certainly reflect the way that Paul takes on tasks. 

His Predictor makes it hard to build an expectation without  a proven ‘script’ this is why he’s happiest in the eclectic professions he works in, they all give him the security of calculated risks .

Jane Bregazzi

Jane Bregazzi professional stress 2019

Jane always wondered why she had difficulty writing goals. Discovering that she was a 0 Evaluator and a 0 Predictor made perfect sense of the way she always did things.

Armed with this information relieved her of the stress it always caused.

David Heath

David Heath MindSTYLE app

David is a typical, headstrong 7 Performer, but his 2 Evaluator, gives him the calculating edge. He listens and works things out, then with his 1 Observer can take it in enabling him to slow down a bit, pacing himself to your needs.

Knowing why he feels impatient makes all the difference.

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